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A father’s rights and responsibilities simply don’t exist unless the father-child relationship is legally established. Paternity is a complex matter that impacts not only the custodial and legal rights of the father, but also the mother’s ability to request child support.

Since 1987, Cindy L. Cleous, L.L.C. has been representing the interests of parents throughout the Wichita area. There are several ways to establish paternity, and it’s important to have a dedicated family law attorney guide you through what can be an emotional process.

Why paternity actions may be necessary

Parental rights and duties cannot be enforced until there is a determination of paternity. A mother or putative father can bring a suit to establish paternity. Some of the reasons these different parties might want to establish paternity include:

  • Mothers — By establishing paternity, a mother can ask the court to order child support.
  • Fathers — When a father establishes paternity, they can request child custody and parenting time rights.

At the same time, any of these parties might also wish to disprove paternity to sever either a relationship or a legal obligation.

How to legally establish paternity in Kansas

Among the methods that legally establish paternity in Kansas are:

  • Legal acknowledgement — A father legally acknowledges parentage by being married to the mother at any time between conception and birth and allowing their name to be added to the birth certificate. A father can also acknowledge parentage by signing an Acknowledgement of Paternity form. But signing the form isn’t recommended if there are doubts about parentage or if the mother was/is legally married to someone else within 300 days of the baby’s birth.
  • Genetic testing — Another option to establish paternity is through genetic testing. A licensed facility will provide a cheek swab test to the child and presumed father. The court can order this testing if any of the parties refuse to cooperate.

Whether you are a father who wants to establish the right to custody of and/or parenting time with your child or a mother who is seeking child support, it is essential to settle paternity issues legally and as early as possible in your child’s life.

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