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One of the most difficult issues divorcing parents face is handling matters related to their children. You want what’s best for your children and their financial security is part of that equation. At Cindy L. Cleous, L.L.C. in Wichita, my firm has been focusing on our clients’ goals and the best interests of the child for over 30 years. I am Cindy L. Cleous, and my goal is to help parents throughout the Wichita area to reach a resolution that works best for everyone involved.

Attorney offers skilled representation to resolve child custody matters

Child custody refers to the responsibilities and rights of a parent toward their child. When you divorce in Kansas, there are two possible types of child custody:

  • Legal custody — This refers to a parent’s right to make major decisions with respect to a child’s education, health and welfare.
  • Residential custody — This refers to where and with which parent the child will physically reside.

Most courts in Kansas prefer to award parents with joint (shared) legal custody as long as both parents are responsible. Residential custody will depend on the ability of one parent or the other to act as a primary caregiver with the other getting meaningful and fair parenting time. If a parent is deemed unfit, the courts can limit or prohibit custody or parenting time.

While family law courts in Kansas will make decisions based on the best interests of the child, parents can negotiate terms or request that the court approve their preferred arrangement. As your attorney, I understand what’s at stake and will use my experience to find creative solutions that are focused on meeting your goals as a parent.

Dedicated legal advocacy for parents dealing with child support issues

Child support orders in Kansas are meant to be a fair way to provide financial security to your children. But the law can be complex and the way it is applied isn’t always equitable. Even though Kansas law has established general guidelines for child support, you can structure an arrangement within them that is beneficial to both you and your child.

Some of the factors that play a role in Kansas child support payments include:

  • Each parent’s income
  • Child custody and parenting time arrangements
  • Health insurance and healthcare costs
  • Child care expenses
  • Educational expenses
  • Cost of living for each parent
  • Parent’s obligation to support other children

As a seasoned family law attorney, I can make sure that the state's formula is applied fairly to your situation based on these factors.

Knowledgeable law firm petitions to modify and enforce court orders

If, since the time of the court’s custody, parenting time or support order, your family’s circumstances have changed significantly, you are required to continue following the terms of your order until the courts agree to a change. Kansas family law courts may grant modifications for major changes, such as a parent’s relocation or remarriage or a change in the child’s needs.

Disobeying a current court order can lead to serious consequences such as fines and enforcement actions. My firm can help parents deal with modifications and the enforcement of both child custody and support orders.

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