I Keep You Informed OnYour Family Law Needs

Many people are unfamiliar with what family law issues actually entail. At the law firm of Cindy L. Cleous, LLC, I believe in keeping my clients informed and setting expectations of the likely outcomes of their cases. I know the judges in the area and I am trained in mediation. I can advise you throughout your case.

I help Kansas families with a variety of legal needs, including:

  • Prenuptials
  • Uncontested and contested divorce
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Paternity

Common Misconceptions About Divorce

I see many clients come in with false ideas or beliefs about the divorce process. Here are some common misconceptions people have:

Length of process

Many individuals want their divorce case to end quickly. This is understandable, as divorce is stressful and tedious. However, it is better to work with your attorney toward a favorable outcome than to rush the process. I will work efficiently while still seeking the best results possible.

Child custody

Many people think older children make the decision of where they live after a divorce. This is not the deciding factor behind child custody. I can discuss the custody process with you and work to secure custody or parenting time for you.

Bias toward mothers

It is commonly but falsely believed that mothers are favored for custody rights. Custody is determined through a number of factors unrelated to whether the mother or father is the one in question. You should never make assumptions about the outcome of your case without turning to a skilled lawyer for professional advice.

Seek Legal Help Now

I am here to offer support and informative advice on any family law issue. Contact me online or call 316-448-6398 to set up a free consultation. I work with clients in Wichita and throughout Sedgwick County.