I Understand How Important Custody Is

Child custody is undoubtedly one of your biggest concerns when it comes to divorce. You need a skilled attorney who understands the gravity of your situation, as well as the best methods for seeking custody and parenting time. At the law firm of Cindy L. Cleous, LLC, I can assist you during a divorce or with child custody modifications afterward. I want to help you defend your child's well-being.

The Legal And Emotional Solutions You Need

In custody cases, I have two primary focuses: your child and your goals. I will lead you every step of the way while offering counsel that empowers you to make decisions about your case. With my familiarity in Kansas law and my experience in mediation, I can settle disputes as they arise and offer resolution options that fit your situation.

I can also recommend counseling or other options to aid and protect your children during the divorce. This is just as emotional for them as it is for you, possibly more so. I am not only here to help with your legal matters, but with emotional and mental concerns too. Let us partner together to resolve your case and keep your family moving forward.

I Help With Modifications

If you or your ex-spouse faces significant life changes that could affect custody rights, I am here to assist you. Modifying past custody orders can be a difficult process but I have the experience you need. I will analyze your situation and discuss your custody options with you.

Contact A Lawyer Who Cares

Do not wait to take action on such a crucial part of your life. Contact me online or call 316-448-6398 to set up a free consultation about your custody rights. I help clients in Wichita and throughout Sedgwick County.