I Will Find The Best Option For You

The best path forward is not always clear when you have so much on your mind. Divorce is emotional. One major benefit of a lawyer is having support from an outside party. In the course of more than 30 years practicing family law, I have gained the experience to advise you and determine the options that will most benefit you.

Many couples want to battle in court and take everything. While court may be the best choice in some divorces, mediation is often an effective solution and Kansas may require it for some aspects of your case. I am a trained mediator and have successfully reached divorce terms through mediation for many couples. I am dedicated to helping families find the best options for their situation.

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You Deserve Answers And Advice

When you come to the law firm of Cindy L. Cleous, LLC, you will receive personal attention and informative advice. I make a point of listening to my clients' situations in order to create an effective plan for meeting their needs. I know how stressful family law issues are, so my philosophy is to be your guidance as we work toward the best solution for your case.

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One of the most critical parts of choosing an attorney is finding someone with whom you can work well and starting on the right foot. I offer consultations so we can get to know each other before proceeding further with your case. To schedule a time, you can contact me online or call 316-448-6398. I am in Wichita and work with clients throughout Sedgwick County.